Love of Toogood


On Thursday last week designer Faye Toogood showed her soft shaped furniture pieces Roly Poly in fiber glass in Scandinavia for the first time, in an exhibition at the Oliver Gustav studio in Copenhagen, a perfect space for the beautiful pieces. Faye also showed some brand new sculptures – she originally trained in fine art and had plans to become  a sculptor.

bild 4

Faye and Erica Toogood also showed the third collection of the Unisexouterwear clothing label the run together, which previewed only two weeks ago in Paris.


”The collection is about protection and survival against elements and strangers, we took further this idea about your coat being your cocoon and your protection”, says Erica Toogood abut the new pieces.


The new collection includes the limited series Made In House with pieces numbered up til ten, made completely in the studio – some of them in layered cling foil! ”Its extremely durable and water proof” explains Erica ”when its layered as many times as this”.

bild 3

A snapshot from the opening, Faye Toogoood (to the left) dressed in a dress of layered cling film.”We feel we really nailed it with this collection, in terms of what we wanted to do” says Faye.


The chair Roly Poly in a new colour.

bild 1Sculptures for the Agender show at Selfridges opening only last week, with interiors by Faye Toogood.

bild 2
Snapshot of Erica and Faye Toogood visiting Thomas Ibsen, agent of Fays Toogoods furniture. This image was shot in his amazing new studio. Picture taken from his Instagram account.

Noir interiors


Team Sarah Widmans noir-styling for Gothenburg based estate agency Alvhem is treating the home as a movie set, ustilising the evening shades and shadows and invite the viewer to see the apartment in a ”new light”. Great to see stylists pushing the boundaries for traditional interiors photography.

hsb_noir_one5975_low hsb_noir_one5954_low

The interior are shot by photographer Helene Smedberg Bernstone, interiors details from Rum21.

hsb_noir_one5897_low hsb_noir_one5913_low

Living on top of a ski jump


Ever dreamt of living at the top of a ski jump? To promote its site, Airbnb has teamed up with architect gem Holmenkollen outside Oslo, a ski jump which has been the site of both the Olympics and numerous ski jumping world championships.


Its a room with a view; guests will wake up on the piste with 2,600 km of fresh snow available to them. To stay at the Holmenkollen penthouse  ski fans need to enter the competition for a stay – its u on the Airbnb site  until March 16.